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Hard Graft Made Easy

6th & 7th September


London Heathrow

Who’s Afraid of Autogenous Grafting?

They told you autogenous grafting was scary.

They said it could be risky.

“Leave it to the experts!” they warned.

But they were wrong.

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Hard Graft Made Easy

I’ve teamed up with fellow implant expert Dr Uzman ‘Uz’ Haq to clear up your fear about autogenous grafting.

Hard Graft Made Easy delivers simple, actionable, and repeatable protocols for success so you can overcome graft-o-phobia, confidently treat more patients, and increase revenue by referring fewer cases.

If the mere thought of grafting still gives you the willies, take a deep breath and read on to discover how Uz and I can help you take the next step on the implant skills ladder.

However, if you already know why adding autogenous grafting to your implant portfolio represents a giant leap forward for your practice, patients and profitability, don’t wait around.

Secure your place now to join two days of intensive hands-on training with two of the field’s most experienced clinicians and mentors.

Why You Need Autogenous Grafting

Perfect Clinical Outcomes

With reduced healing and recovery periods and improved osseointegration, autogenous grafting gives exceptional clinical outcomes.

Reduced Risk

Autogenous grafts reduce the risk of infection and rejection and boost your long-term implant success rate.

Be the Best You Can Be

Mastering autogenous grafting marks a watershed moment in the career of every implant master. It allows you to take on more profitable advanced cases and ultimately help more patients.

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What You’ll Learn

If you’ve attended any of my courses or previous training days, you’ll already know they’re absolutely packed with practicable insight and confidence-building hands-on exercises.

Everything I do designed to empower you to put everything into practice from day one—and Hard Graft Made Easy is no different.

Uz and I have put in the late nights and hard graft to design a comprehensive practical and theoretical syllabus that gets to the grafting nitty-gritty.

And we’ve kept everything super simple—so even a first-year student could get to grips with the insight on offer.

Here’s a quick taste of what to expect:

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Coming up:

Overcoming Graft-O-Phobia:

In this part theoretical lecture, part pep talk, we break down the myths, clear the fear and demonstrate that anyone can get to grips with autogenous grafting.

Going for Gold:

Explore how autogenous grafting leads to improved outcomes, reduced recovery times and higher success rates—and what this means for your practice.

Autogenous Ridge Preservation:

How to preserve post-extraction bone height and width to create a stable foundation for implants and other restorations.

The Bone Core Technique:

Reduce chair time and increase patient comfort with this deceptively simple technique for harvesting bone while you prepare the implant site.

Osteoperiosteal Ridge Splitting:

Promote new bone formation and create a wider foundation for implant placement without traditional bone grafting.

And Lots More!

Hard Graft Made Easy is a chance to meet and network with like-minded peers as you watch, quiz, and learn from two masters of the craft.

Here’s what students and mentees

say about learning with me:

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“I’ve learned a great deal more than what I learned on my MSc…If you’re thinking about choosing Pav, I can highly recommend it. He’s always there and always accessible.”


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“If you are getting to the point where you are—like me—not a complete beginner but by no means a finished product, Pav’s academy is a great place to be…I thoroughly recommend it…Having Pav as a mentor is a golden opportunity!”


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“I’ve learned so much…As a mentor, Pav is very welcoming and allows you time to ask questions. He has a very good way of making things simple and doable in general practice."


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Okay, So Who is Dr Uz?

A clinician and mentor with Dr Uz’s level of implant passion, expertise and success should be a sworn rival.

But if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

And it turns out that after geeking out over super-osseointegration and the finer points of alveolar ridge augmentation, Dr Uz felt the same about me!

Partnering with Uz to design Hard Graft Made Easy is like a Spiderman-Batman tag team against the dark forces of autogenous grafting confusion.

We’ve packed every last atom of grafting know-how gathered from decades of combined practice into the syllabus—and we can’t wait to share the fruits of our lifelong work with you.


So. Are You Ready?

Unlock the next step on your implant career with Hard Graft Made Easy.

The next two-day event takes place from 6th-7th September at London Heathrow, for just £1800.

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