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Surgical Basics for Implant Dentistry

5th October


London Heathrow

Everyone has to start somewhere. Join me to unlock the surgical basics for implant surgery and take your first steps to a career in one of dentistry’s most rewarding niches.

Wondering Where to Start with Implants?

There are hundreds of courses promising to take your skills from basic to advanced implant dentistry. But what about a gentle introduction for dentists with zero experience?

Surgical Basics for Implant Dentistry is designed to be the perfect starting point for your career—even if you’ve never held a tissue punch or torque wrench. After all, we all have to start somewhere!

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Get all the Basics

Here’s Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Starting with Implants!

Atraumatic extractions

How to design and raise flaps

Suturing for beginners

Basic impressions & placement

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Take Your Next Step

If you’re considering an implant career, you can take the next step with Surgical Basics for Implant Dentistry.

I’ve packed all you need to grasp the basics into one day of intensive theoretical and hands-on training on models.

Syllabus Highlights

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Get the Complete Introduction to Extractions, Flap Design & Suturing:

Effective extraction tools, equipment & techniques

Flap design fundamentals

Suture materials & techniques

Introduction to suturing materials and techniques

Minimising scarring and promoting healing

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Plus—Implant Placement

Implant systems and components

Step-by-step placement

Positioning and angulation basics

Capturing accurate impressions

Here’s what students and mentees

say about learning with me:

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“I’ve learned a great deal more than what I learned on my MSc…If you’re thinking about choosing Pav, I can highly recommend it. He’s always there and always accessible.”


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“If you are getting to the point where you are—like me—not a complete beginner but by no means a finished product, Pav’s academy is a great place to be…I thoroughly recommend it…Having Pav as a mentor is a golden opportunity!”


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“I’ve learned so much…As a mentor, Pav is very welcoming and allows you time to ask questions. He has a very good way of making things simple and doable in general practice."



Are You Ready to Start?

Take the first step in your implant career with Surgical Basics for Implant Dentistry.

Training takes place 5th October at London Heathrow, for just £540+VAT

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